Ensar Motel Uzungol (Trabzon)

December 8, 2015 – 09:20 pm
Uzungol Motel Trabzon, Turkey:

Drove along the edge of a newly constructed dam and hydro scheme. The dam was probably 70kms long and the road was cut straight into the mountain. Unbelievable, SA Water needs to come to turkey to find out how it is done on a grand scale. Even the road works are crazy. The Tuks don't do formalities such as diversion ...

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This blog is being written with a heavy heart as we have heard of the tragic passing of our nephew. Our thoughts and love are at home with our family and as we continue our journey a part of us is at home with them. Day 4 - Trabzon on the Black Sea Coast A one night stop over in this city of concrete apartment blocks and conservative ways (felt quite conspicuous in my knee length ...

... It was nice to stretch the legs. The flight to Geneva from Dubai was less than half full. There were lots of snow capped mountains to look at out the window. Amazing! We have watched more movies in the last 24 hours than in the last 24 months. Some better than ...

... hills but I was corrected by Switzerland Freedar; they were mountain passes. I pretty much kept up with him despite stopping a few more times than he did for photos, as I like hills and I'm best in the morning. Once over these mountains the terrain opened up to true rolling hills for the rest of the day. The day was made better by the vey low traffic for the first 5 hrs or do, like yesterday. This region would be an ideal place to train for world class cyclists. Varied terrain ...

... round trip to double back to the main rd) or roughly 70mn drive time wasted. Plus the weather started to turn v. nasty so TIPO and I called it a day at the town of Gumshane about 100km from Trabazon. Theres not much to this town of 38000 people which for a Sat night is as dead as TIPOs electrics were yesterday. Compare that to any Irish town of similair size on a Sat night and youd be talking a whole different ball game Im sure. In fact thats ...

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