August 21, 2015 – 11:45 am

Fisherman at UzungolThe English speaking manager at the Nur Hotel had found me a hire car for a couple of days. It was a cash only deal and they didn’t want to see my driving license or use a credit card as a deposit. Although I did sign something it was only in Turkish so could have sold myself into slavery for all I knew, although there is not much work left in me.
The windscreen had a crack across the bottom and although I pointed this out both the hirecar man and the hotel manager just shrugged their shoulders in a way which said ..this is Turkey.
There are many monasteries and Mosques in the Pontic Mountains and the area had been exploited for minerals and timber for thousands of years, but apart from gravel, now some of the more important exports through the port of Trabzon were tobacco and hazelnuts.
Lake at Uzungol First stop petrol as the needle on the gauge was stuck on empty, and half an hour later going uphill it was stuck on empty again but downhill it was full.

The lake and Mosque at Uzungol was very Alpine with chalet like hotels. It is a tourist attraction for the region with signs in Turkish, Arabic and English. For a European it was a bit underwhelming but if you lived in a flat in Trabzon or a tent in the Arabian desert this lake with hills and a mosque was quite pretty. It rather reminded me of Interlaken with a mosque.

The place had a number hotels and tourist shops around the lake that was created by an earthquake but strangely there was only one restaurant which I had to eat in. It wasn’t very good and it was tourist prices.

As I had the rest of the day I looked at the map and saw there was a route through the mountains to the south and then a road back round to Trabzon,

Tourists at Uzungol Good quality tourist tat Pontic Mountains The road turns into a track & the mist arrives

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